Meet the 23rd issue of "Family Business" magazine


The magazine considers three directions that have recently become the core and strategy of FBN’s work. A reader will learn that the majority of owners, no matter what, support the activities of Ukrainian enterprises, since the main task of Ukrainian businesses now is to help the Armed Forces and our country to win the war. The Lutsk concern Modern Expo helped to develop a unique complex of counter-battery combat, capable of leveling the advantage of the Russian army in artillery, and FBN helped to manufacture 240 such complexes and find financing for another 600. Immediately 10 companies from FBN Ukraine’s orbit got into the ForbesNEXT 250 rating - a list of promising small and medium-sized companies, which the future of business in Ukraine depends on.

One should be prepared for the fact that after the end of the war, Ukraine will join the EU, and Ukrainian business should be integrated into the European market, FBN believes. The article ‘Nova Poshta Goes to the West’ tells how in just one year the company went from virtual bankruptcy to the large-scale expansion into Europe.

The reader will also learn about the challenges faced by independent boards this year, read the lawyer’s advice on remote business management, learn about the intricacies of opening and the main rules of doing business in Poland.

The FBN events are also becoming increasingly impressive and more meaningful every time, vivid reports from Vienna and Lisbon testify to this.