The 18th issue of the ‘Family Business’ magazine appeared


Inside the issue, there are:

- the latest news from FBN Ukraine;

- frank stories from companies owners about how their relationships with independent board members are built;

- the story of the ‘four rooms’ of family business: HarvardBusinessReview magazine published a groundbreaking article by Boston family business consultants that develops the classic FBN three-ring model;

- an article on defining the criteria for refusal to a candidate - the first step for an effective search for an advisory council;

- a detailed report on the first post-quarantine international tour of FBN Ukraine in Croatia;

- the material about how Roman and Marina Polyatskiy managed to become the co-owners and influential top managers in a family corporation created by their father;

- the story about the Nova Poshta’s Business School, which more than two thousand people have graduated from since 2016;

- a text about how Polish NextGens made the parents’ business more modern and top requested;

- the column ‘On Mistakes of Others’ with a story devoted to authoritarian style of leadership and lack of trust in the heirs, which almost led the Moeller-Maersk family to the loss of control over the family company with a hundred-year history;

- some inspirational stories of Olena Vovk about the homeland of her husband, unknown Croatia and the wedding on the top of a mountain above the sea.