The 45th event took place on December 13-16 in Barcelona, Spain


The participants of the event went to the town of Sant Cugat and visited the local pharmaceutical company Uriah & Company S.A., the Puig company producing perfumes (not only, actually), which traces its history since 1914. They visited also the brewing corporation DAMM, Raventos Codorniu, as well as the business school ESADE, one of the leading business schools in Spain located on the territory of the former monastery of the religious community Opus Daily that is still active. In the family restaurant, there was a tasting of Beykush wines and meeting with the Schneider family, the new members of FBN Ukraine, the owners of the family enterprise Beykush Winery. In addition to live communication, networking and getting to know a local family business, the program of the Barcelona event contained a powerful educational component. Thomas Tomeo, professor at IESE, the higher business school of the University of Navarra, spoke about the state of affairs in the world economy, family business, opportunities and subtleties of investment in Spain. The session of ESADE professor Alberto Jimeno turned from a master class into interesting debates that sometimes required a change in the way of looking at business.