Missile strike on the New Post terminal


The company has already paid the financial aid to the families of the deceased employees in the amount of 70,000 hryvnias in each case.

The co-founders of Nova Poshta reported that they have bomb shelters in all terminals, including the one that the missile hit, but there was less than a minute between the start of the air alert and the impact - too little to get to the shelter.

According to Vyacheslav Klymov, the co-owner of Nova Poshta, changes in the mode of operation of the terminals are expected ‘especially in such areas as Kharkiv, because there are already certain statistics of missile strikes.’ On October 23, Nova Poshta reported that the company intends to build mini bomb shelters inside the sorting terminals, so that people could be as close to it as possible. The company plans to install the ‘security capsules’ in the terminals.

Nova Poshta started sending the parcels that were at the Kharkiv terminal and survived to addressees. For cargoes, which were destroyed in missile strikes, the company will compensate customers for the cost according to the assessment. Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, the co-owner of Nova Poshta, also writes on Facebook that they were impressed by the unlimited support of Ukrainians.

Deep condolences to the Nova Poshta Company, all relatives and friends of the victims.