The MAFIA restaurant chain presented the documentary ‘Humanitarian Restaurant’


Since the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the family of restaurateurs Taras and Oksana Seredyuk united 36 of their establishments throughout Ukraine into a single ‘MAFIA Humanitarian Restaurant.’ The ‘Mafia’ team began to prepare charity dinners for the military, the elderly, children, railway workers, hospitals, take hot food to people in bomb shelters, and feed the territorial defense. Some of the MAFIA establishments were damaged, some were destroyed. But, despite this, during the war, the restaurant prepared more than 2 million meals for the frontline and the rear. This record was noted by the Forbes magazine.

Simultaneously with the release of the film, MAFIA launched ‘Burger for Victory’ on the restaurant menu - 50% of the profit from sales goes to Victory. Also, MAFIA opened a restaurant on wheels (food truck), which will travel around the frontline areas and prepare burgers for the military. The space of the food truck was decorated with drawings made by children from Bakhmut and other Ukrainian cities.