21 families from the Family Business Network raised 8,925,000 hryvnias for a marine drone and named it in a family way – ‘Heritor’


This is our fastest fundraising, because we believe in new technologies: sea drones work great and we all see it in practice, - the head of the association Vladyslav Burda wrote on Facebook, - I personally thank all the families who supported the fundraising. And those who could not join now, but go on supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine - this is not only the investment in the destruction of Russian warships, it is first of all the investment in new technological weapons.

Families who supported the fundraising campaign:

1. The Burda family, RedHead

2. The Kogan family, KIMS

3. The Libkin family, Savva Libkin Restaurants

4. The Popereshnyuk family, Nova

5. Unnamed family

6. The Stambursky family, VIVAT Trading

7. The Korostylyov family, ELIO

8. The Ovchinnikov family, KIDDISVIT

9. The Bondarenko family, LIGA ZAKON

10. The Vovk family

11. Unnamed family

12. The Potapov and Kosharny family, Suziria Group

13. The Dmitriev family, KONSORT

14. The Zdesenko family, Biosphere

15. The Stets family, Aqua Planet

16. The Pavlysh family, 3I

17. The Trofimenko family, Multiplex

18. The Synytsa family, Collar

19. The Chekalsky and Shestopalov families, HD-group

20. The Klimov family, Nova

21. The Volkov family, VALESTO

The preceding fundraising was announced in 2022, the Association collected 10 million hryvnias for a marine drone called F*cking Bridge & Navy (the initial letters for FBN).