Preparing for the 26th event of FBN-Ukraine in Tel Aviv, Israel


Israel is one of the world leaders in the IT-industry. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Intel are constantly expanding their offices in the country. The revolution of start-ups occurred here in the clearest way and literally before our eyes.

But this is not the only thing to be of interest for us in Israel:

There is a huge industry of agricultural technologies here

Israel is known for its one of the world best  military industrial sector

They learnt in Israel how to develop economy quickly despite the chronic military conflict

Here they are very sensitive to the family, and especially to children

Here there are beautiful beaches and amazing religious shrines

Herethe prominent representatives of the country’s business and corporate world are waiting for us to share their experience and get to know us better

We’ll see in Tel Aviv!

A detailed announcement of the event will appear on our website soon!