Kyiv 2017: taught by leaders, we master innovative educational models


The 27th event of the family companies’ owners gathered in Kiev 45 members of FBN-Ukraine. Although the event was one-day that time, we managed a lot. Alexander Tarchenko confided at the last everyone in the details of a new family project – an innovative school for the children of the future. The leaders of other educational projects showed us what opportunities appear in this field for the next generation. The gastronomic show and Odessa cordiality awaited us in the recently opened by Savva Libkin Steakhouse Restaurant. The “Nova Poshta” company was hosting the event. After the tour to the new cosmic marshalling yard, Vladimir Popereshnyuk shared the stories of his family, business and partnership. The festive final of the event was held at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in the pavilion Teleport360. In parallel with the main program, they held the event for NextGens, at which 25 heirs of family companies discussed the principles of creating a successful business.

In the evening on the eve of the event, the participants gathered to communicate in the “Circle of Trust” format.

The president of the Association Vladislav Burda told us about the relationship between a principal and an agent, and urged everyone to become the principal of the own life. The co-CEO of Association Larisa Mudrak elaborated the implementation of the FBN-Ukraine’s strategy and the plans of events for 2018.

The co-owner of the DEC education company Alexander Tarchenko talked about how they involved parents in partnership with the new school. The second part of his speech was devoted to the internal company’s CSR project, which DEC had implemented in cooperation with the agency of Jaroslava Gres.

The representatives of successful educational projects spoke in the framework of the panel discussion about the needs and opportunities for a new education in Ukraine. The need to create innovative educational institutions, the results of cooperation with Canadian partners and the features of training programs were told by the co-founder of Novopecherskaya school and the founder of the project “Osvitoria” Zoya Litvin.

Andrei Zelinsky, a teacher at the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership, a priest, the political scientist and public figure, said he did not believe in teachers who ceased to be students. For 10 months of study at the Academy of Leaders, senior pupils and graduates are taught to develop the best qualities in themselves and find the application for them in the development of society.

Alexei Vinogradov, the vice-president of MIM Kiev who has 20 years of experience in business school, noted that the demand for business education is also changing rapidly. If 15 years ago the main request from entrepreneurs came for financial management programs, now the focus shifted from the processes to the result – it became necessary to study business as an object as a whole.

With an excellent initiative GoGlobal aimed at promoting the study of foreign languages and volunteerism in Ukraine, the participants were introduced by Ksana Nechiporenko, a partner of the similarly named social organization. Having followed the direct connection between knowledge of the English language and key economic indicators, the authors of the project came up to the idea of teaching children from cities and villages in summer language camps. The teachers are volunteers – the native speakers of other languages and culture-bearers from around the world.

After the heated discussions of the event’s participants, no less hot gastronomic show awaited them in the new restaurant of Savva Libkin “Steakhouse.”

The co-owner of the “Nova Poshta” company Vladimir Popereshnyuk gave us the opportunity to be the first to see KIT – Kiev Innovation Terminal, which company is testing now. The scale of the terminal and the level of automation here are impressive: the center is capable of handling up to 600 trucks and sorting more than 400 thousand bar codes of goods per day. After the tour, Vladimir shared a 17-year history of business development and partnership with Vyacheslav Klimov; he talked also about his family.

In the Teleport360 pavilion at the EEA, a festive banquet “Ukrainian Fusion” from the company Figaro Catering awaited the participants of the Kiev event. After that, the head of EEA Evgeniy Mushkin and the art director Marina Matrosova told about the plans for the project development.